Friday, September 9, 2005

Phuket - 4

It was such a short Honeymoon trip but a very enjoyable and memorable one as well. It's time to go home. Flight from Phuket was at 1.30pm and we reached KL at 3.45pm. Oh by the way, there was an airport tax of 500 Baht paid at Phuket Airport.

The next time we go to Phuket, we want to go to the Simon Cabaret, FantaSea and James Bond Island!

Thursday, September 8, 2005

Phuket - 3

Sight Seeing and Shopping in Phuket

It was a cool morning and this was the view from our balcony.

We started the day with a great breakfast. The staff at the cafe was very friendly and she gave us some suggestions on where we can shop with great bargain.

After breakfast, Sak brought us in his taxi around Phuket Town to shop. We had no pictures, since we were busy shopping :). Then Sak brought us to the underground shopping complex that were covered with beach sand when the Tsunami hit them. Many people were buried alive there. The government and the locals did a great job in rebuilding Phuket at a very fast pace.

Next attraction: The elephant trekking

On the way back to our resort we dropped by Sak's house. He used to ride his bike in competitions when he was younger. Eventhough he doesn't compete anymore, the bike was still in a good condition.

At night, we shopped at the Bangla Road, Patong. It is best to buy from the locals (Thailand people) because they are much nicer, polite and they give better prices than others. Tawaf bought a gift from an Indian shop by the road side and the sales girl was not happy when we haggled. A few shops away, there was a local shop selling the exact same thing with half the price.

While waiting for Sak to fetch us, we had some ice-creams at McD. They also sell pork burgers here. Patong is really "happening" at night, with lots of performances going on with a big crowd.

There are some halal restaurants in Phuket, eventhough we didn't get to go. They are:

Ghadafi Halal Food Restaurant @ Patong Beach
• 180 Pra Barame Rd. (across Patong Mosque, next to Phuket Fine Food)
• A 24-hour roadside restaurant serving Moslem and Indian foods. A Nepalese cook looks after the kitchen and the overall style is something between a cafeteria and a local home. Quality of the food is variable, but sometimes quite good. Delivery service available.

Laila Seafood Restaurant
• it is just opposite the mosque at Patong beach. North of Patong.
• There is only one mosque at patong Beach.

Wednesday, September 7, 2005

Phuket - 2

Snorkeling Trip

We woke up very early on our second day since the van was coming at 6 am. It was a cool morning and we took some pictures while waiting at the lobby.

After fetching us, the van picked-up a few other tourists from resorts on the other beaches.

Our snorkeling trip included a speed boat ride that brought the 8-9 of us around, a buffet lunch and some fruits (pineapples and watermelons) on board. Our boat actually raced with another speed boat during the first half of the journey, so the trip was bumpy and fun!

Below is another newly wed couple on their honeymoon trip. Pity that guy, he actually lost his shades during this trip.

This is Maya Bay, just like in the movie "The Beach". The waves were strong and it was quite deep.

On the way to the Monkey Bay, our boat stopped at Loh Sa Mah Bay for a while. It's 30m deep

Our next stop was the Monkey Bay

Then we passed by a resort, which used to be a famous lunch spot for tourist on snorkeling trip, but it was destroyed by the Tsunami. Thus, all tourists have moved to a new spot nearby.
We had a great lunch at the Phi Phi Island.

We LOVE Khai Island! Clear water, lots of colorful fish and the fish simply ate anything that we gave:)
What a day! So thrilling and we were exhausted !
Back at our resort, we cancelled our Simon Cabaret show scheduled that night because we were too tired :(

Tuesday, September 6, 2005

Phuket - 1

The Beginning of our Journey

Our honeymoon trip was just 3 days after our wedding day and Phuket, Thailand was our 1st overseas destination together.
Air Asia return ticket (KL - Phuket) was RM366 for 2 pax.
We departed from KL at 12.45pm and we reached Phuket Airport at 1pm. After a short flight, we were already in Phuket! It took us quite a while to reach Phuket town from the airport by taxi.

On the way to our resort, the taxi stopped at a travel agency where we booked our snorkeling trip with a girl named Tuk-Ta. We were staying at the Jiva Resort and Spa, or later knowned as the Centara Resort at the Kata Beach. 54 Ked Kwan Road, T. Karon, MuangKata Beach, Phuket.

We booked the Deluxe Room online through Precision Reservation, including breakfast for USD 108. It was a newly built 4-star resort with a very good price. It was very clean and there were 3 lovely swimming pools.

We left our bags in the room and we walked to the Kata Beach in just 10-15 minutes. The beach was clean and quiet with only a few people surfing.

Then we took a tuk-tuk to Kata Beach town to exchange our USD to Baht. It was actually easier and cheaper to pay in Baht compared to USD in Phuket.

It was time to go back to our resort and rest for the day.
At night we cooked dinner with our portable travel cooker while enjoying the fireworks from ClubMed at our balcony.