Monday, June 30, 2008

Cruise 3

DAY 3, 30 June 08


Yesterday we ate Western & Italian food, today Buya wants to eat Asian food. There is also Roti Canai. Lufi is still asleep in his room.

This ship is huge and we can barely feel the waves. Occasionally when we are about to sleep and the waves are very strong, then we do feel it a bit.


It seems that the favorite activity on board is eating :)

We are already reaching Penang. We can choose to stay on board or go down to Penang. There are small boats to bring the passengers to shore. The cruise will only continue to sail in the evening.


At the jetty, there are many taxis waiting for passengers. Since Penang is Tosh's hometown, we decide to walk away from the crowd & take a bus instead. The bus is empty! We go to Komtar & Perangin Mall to shop. After shopping, we do what we usually do, EAT!

We are eating at Padang Kota Lama, Penang and we have a beautiful view of our ship.

We are back on the ship.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Cruise 2

DAY 2, 29 June 08

At about 2 or 3 am, Lufi, Dilla & Titip arrives at the hotel.

We have brunch (breakfast + lunch) at the same restaurant as last night.

Star Cruise

There are so many people & there is very long queue to board the ship.

This is our room. Saei will be staying in our room as well. Buya, Rhydil and Locqect are sharing 1 room while Lufi, Dilla & Titip are using the other room. There are 3 rooms altogether. Even though the room is small, it can fit in 3 person at one time. There is a double bed and 1 sofa bed. The bathroom is slightly bigger than an on-flight toilet :). The room is clean with good air-conditioner.

While the rest of the passengers are boarding the ship, we have our buffer lunch at one of the restaurants. There are many restaurants that we can go for our breakfast, lunch, dinner and supper and all are already included in our cruise package. There are so many varieties of meals and desserts. Yummy :).

Before the cruise starts to sail, we have to gather at this place & wear the safety jackets. The cruise staff explains the safety precautions on board. Then we go around the ship and enjoy the strong wind , it's fun!! On board, there is a gym, basketball court, jacuzzi and swimming pool among others.

At night, we have a karaoke session on Star Cruise! Titip is happily dancing to a Korean / Chinese song.