Thursday, July 3, 2008

Cruise 6

DAY 6, 3 July 08

We rest at the lounge while waiting for our turn to get down from the ship. There is a big crowd and it takes quite some time to clear. Locqect is already sleeping at the couch because of the long wait.

From Singapore, we take a taxi to Johor Bahru and Buya takes his car from his friend. We have a great seafood at Melaka!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Cruise 5

DAY 5, 2 July 08

From Phuket, the ship sails to Port Klang, Malaysia and then to Singapore. Only those who have informed the Star Cruise that they want to stop at the Port Klang can go down. The rest will stop at Singapore.

There are many activities / shows going-on the ship. We are all sitting at the front part of the hall. The MC asks for volunteers and we point to Tawaf's eldest brother, Lufi. All volunteers are taken to the back of the stage for quite a while. Then there is the spotlight and they parade in-front of us. Hahahaha! All of the guys are dressed as women! Then each of them has to do a performance which the audience will rate and choose the winner. It is sooo Funny!!! Guess what, Lufi is the winner!!!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Cruise 4

DAY 4, 1 July 08


Back in Malaysia, we've emailed Sak that we are coming to Phuket and we've requested him to fetch us at the jetty with a van. Sak was the taxi driver who brought us around Phuket during our honeymoon in 2005. He gave us a great service and a great price, which is cheaper than any other taxi drivers. Thus we decide that anytime we go to Phuket, we would ask for his service. We've also recommended him to a few of our friends who went to Phuket for vacations. They too said that Sak's rate is lower than the others.

At first, Sak was reluctant to fetch us because he said that there will be many taxis waiting at the jetty and he doesn't want to get into trouble with the taxi drivers. We persuaded him and said that there will be 9 of us and it would be troublesome to take separate taxis to accommodate us, thus he agreed :). This time he brings his wife along.

Elephant Farm

Beautiful view of Phuket Beach


The beach