Saturday, July 31, 2010

Semporna 2

Day 2, 31 July 10

Today we wake up early. We have our breakfast at 7 am because our snorkeling trip will start at 8 am. We are going to Mabul & Kapalai islands. There will be 13 of us, since Kaabah & Darwish will be staying at the hotel.

Everybody is ready to go!

We walk to the shop & get our snorkeling tools.

We have to wait for a while since our lunch is not there yet. Then the snorkeling staff comes with our lunch and 2 other strangers. They want to include those 2 in our boat. Mahar tells the staff that he has paid for the whole boat and we are all family members. Thus they can't just add other people in. Mahar said that if they still insist, he wants his $ back.

The staff calls his boss and later tells us that there was a miss-communication and we will have the boat all to ourselves :D.

~ Going towards our boat


It takes about 45 minutes to go to the Mabul Island. The weather is great today! Bright sunny day!!

The water is beautiful! It's clear with colorful fish. Hehe..that's me with my snorkeling gear. Fun fun fun!!

~ Urta caught a dead fish


We have our packed lunch and bottled water. There are many foreigners here. Maybe most of them stay here, at this floating inn.

~ There is a local people catching crab

It is a small village by the beach. We walk around while Aimi tries to find cigarette in one of the mini shops.


This is an exclusive resort at Kapalai Island. Since we are not staying here, we have to take visitor pass. It is soooo beautiful!!

The water is shallow & clear. There are many starfish, small fish & sea cucumbers visible and they are everywhere!

Naughty kids playing with the Gamat @ Sea Cucumber

A school of fish going round-and-round

Snorkeling at Kapalai

*Thank you Mahar, Indah, and Lufi for the pics!

We reach Semporna at about 4pm.

After taking our bath and rest for a bit, Ur, Lufi, Titip, Indah, Aimi, Aidu and Kaabah join us in our room to watch our jamming video back in kl. Featuring Lufi, Urta, Rhydil, Aimi, Indah and us.

That night we have a KFC session at Mahar's suite. Thank you Kasha for sponsoring our dinner!