Saturday, August 21, 2010

Egypt 6

Day 15-16, 21-22 August 10

~ Transit at Cairo Airport for a few hours.

This XXL meal at Burger King is RM50-60 per set. Since we don't plan to bring back our Egyptian Pounds, we just spend it here. It is very yummyyyy!

It is a 10 hours flight and we reach KLIA the following day (22.8.10) at 4.30pm.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Mekah 7

Day 14, 20 August 10

As we exit the shopping complex, we can see that there are many people at the mosque and it is already 2 am.

The spot light from the mosque is very bright. We switch off the back light of our camera to have a clearer view of the mosque.

Tonight we can't sleep because there isn't enough time. From the mosque, we go back to the hotel to have sahur. Then we start to park our luggage. Time flies and now it's time for Subuh prayer. We perform our Subuh prayer at the mosque and on the way back to our hotel, we do our last minute shopping at the nearby shops.

At last our packing is done. We go to the MasjidilHaram to do Tawaf Wada' or Tawaf Selamat Tinggal. It feels sad leaving Kaabah and we stood in-front of Kaabah for a while. We recite our last doa and pray that Allah invite us here again next year and every year that follows, insyaAllah.

When we reach the hotel at about 11am, everyone is already at the lobby with their bags. Half of our group will be staying behind until Hari Raya. We rush upstairs, have a quick bath and change to fresh clothes. After saying good bye to the rest, we hop on the bus and head to the Jeddah Airport. Today is Friday and we need to make our move early, otherwise we might not be able to go out from Mekah because of the massive jam.

On the way, we stop at the Floating Mosque, at Jeddah. It is so hot outside and nobody wants to go down. Thus Tosh goes down alone, accompanied by the bus driver.

From Jeddah, we are to flying to Cairo. We are reaching Cairo at 8pm.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Mekah 6

Day 13, 19 August 10

After Subuh prayer, we meet Azrul & Zul infront of the Zam Zam Tower to go to Miqat. There are buses at the Hilton which go to Tana'im. This morning, the buses are late and the crowd is already building up. Just in a few minutes, it is already bright.

After a while, 1 bus comes and the crowd push their way to get onto the bus. The 4 of us stand at the back, away from the crowd. We decide to let the crowd go first, and we'll take the next one. After a few buses, the crowd is still big. As the previous crowd goes, there's a new crowd building. When the crowd is a bit smaller, we stand in the crowd & make our way onto the bus. Tosh helps Tawaf to get on the bus first because she's small and can be pushed away easily. Once Tawaf is on the bus, Tosh, Azrul & Zul hop on as well.

At Tanaim, we do Solat Sunat 2 rakaat & Miqat. Here there are many buses and there's no pushing. We can just choose which bus to take to go back to MasjidilHaram.

We reach MasjidilHaram at 9am and we straightaway start our Umrah. At first we walk in a group, then Zul got separated while taking wudu'. He is no where to be found. We go to the cabinet where we placed our sandals/slippers but he is not there either. So the three of us proceed to do Tawaf. While we are doing Tawaf, Azrul got separated from us. Thus we continue our Umrah just the 2 of us. Doing Tawaf takes about 1 hour. Then we do Saie and tahallul. Alhamdulillah, another Umrah is done. We head back to the hotel to rest for an hour. Performing Umrah while fasting in this very hot weather and big crowd is not easy, but the reward is great! Performing Umrah while fasting in Ramadhan is equivalent to performing Hajj side-by-side our Holy Prophet pbuh.

We perform Zohor, Asar and Maghrib at the air-conditioned area of the mosque. Performing solat in the MasjidilHaram is equivalent to performing 100,000 solat in other mosques.

Night walk after Terawikh. Tomorrow we are going back to Jeddah > Egypt > Malaysia. The Zam Zam Tower is beautiful! There is a Malaysian Restaurant called D'Saji at the food court in the shopping complex. It is owned by the Felda. Azrul wants to have roti canai but later change to a fried bee hoon from D'Saji while we have an Indian Mutton Beriyani from the next shop. Fried bee hoon here cost around RM8 (if converted from riyal to RM).

Then we go to Bin Dawood to buy some food. There are so many types of chocolates here! There are also Cadbury FLAKES!! Yummy! We love Flakes. We don't have it in Malaysia, thus we only buy that chocolate when we go abroad. The best flakes are from the UK and this one is as delicious as that!

The best part is, everything here is Halal. There's no need to read the ingredients of the chocolates / any of the food because only Halal food can be brought into the Tanah Haram.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Mekah 5

Day 12, 18 August 10

Today we pray at the basement of the Mosque.
After Subuh prayer at the mosque: we go back to the hotel & sleep.
After Zohor prayer: we go back to the hotel for an hour rest.
After Asar prayer: we stay at the mosque to read more Al-Quran & zikir & solat Sunat until break fast.
After Maghrib prayer: we go back to the hotel to eat our meals. At 8.30pm we go back to the mosque for Isya' (9pm) &
Terawikh, 20 rakaat. Tawaf does Terawikh at the 1st floor while Tosh does Terawikh at the roof top. During Terawikh, Tosh is drench in sweat. The spotlight at the rooftop increases the heat that is already high.

We finish Terawikh & Witir at 11pm. Then we rest in our room while waiting for Azrul. He is performing Tawaf Sunat right after Solat Terawikh. Later we are meeting him at the lobby to do some night shopping and Tosh wants to buy honey for his parents. We manage to get a short nap. 1 hour after that, we go down to the lobby and a few minutes after that Azrul arrives at the hotel. He says that there is a very big crowd performing Tawaf. He goes up to his room to freshen up & change clothes and then we are off.... First stop, Tosh & Azrul buy fruit juices.

Actually in our itinerary, we are suppose to go to Hudaibiyah today. At Hudaibiyah we will visit the Camel Farm where we can try / bring back the camel milk. Then we are to visit the Mekah Muzium and the factory of Kaabah's cloth. We can also do Miqat at Hudaibiyah for our next Umrah. But none of this happen..not sure why....

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Mekah 4

Day 11, 17 August 10

After Subuh, we visit a few places:

Jabal Thur

In this mountain, there is a cave (Gua Thur) in which our Holy Prophet pbuh and Abu Bakar As-Sidiq hid from the idol-worshiping Arabs who were desperately wanting to kill them.

Jabal Rahmah

This is where Adam & Eve first met on Earth after being separated for so long. For those who haven't met their soul mate / spouse / partner, you can make your prayers on this hill during Hajj.

We are on top of the hill. Now looking for ways to go down...

Padang Arafah

Mina (3 Jamrah)

Bukit Hira'


Then we go to Jaaranah. Tosh & others who want to do the next round of Umrah can perform solat sunat & Miqat here. Since Tawaf has not completed her previous Umrah, she doesn't have to do Miqat. So she just perform Solat Sunat.

We reach our hotel at about 9 am. We go up our room to put our things and come down to perform Umrah. Today Tawaf is entering the MasjidilHaram for the first time and performing her first Umrah.

We start our Umrah at 10am and complete our Umrah just in time for Zohor prayer at 12.30pm.

At night, Tosh manage to snap pictures of Kaabah before & after solat.

After Terawikh , 20 rakaat, Tosh shaved his head again. During the day, we did tahallul and Tosh used the shaver to shave a bit of his hair. It seems that his hair doesn't look even, thus he decides to shave his head all over again in our room. Tosh is wearing his new jubah.

Then we go to the lobby to meet Azrul. We are going to go around and survey the shopping area.

From our hotel, we walk our usual pathway to the MasjidilHaram. It feels that Mekah never sleeps. There are always people going to and from the MasjidilHaram and it is always bright here. The Safwah Shopping complex and Zam Zam Tower is right in-front of the mosque.

On the way back to the hotel, Tosh feels hungry and he buys an Arab Burger. The burger is a bit different, there's no lettuce / cucumber / any vegetable but there are french fries in the burger :)