Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Seoul - 8

This is our last day in Seoul. We checked-out from our hotel and left our bags at the lobby. Our flight was at 11.10 at night and we have plenty of time to go sight-seeing in Seoul.
Seoul National University Station -> Sadang Station Transfer to Line 4 -> Samgakji Station Transfer to Line 6 -> Itaewon Station


We went to Itaewon again with a mission to buy chocolates to bring home! We bought some on the 5th day but we've eaten most of it :)

Our brunch at Mr Kebab in Itaewon:
The kebab was good, so was the Turkish ice-cream.

Next, we headed to the mosque and on the way there, we bought more chocolates from the halal store.These truffles were only 7500 Won per box and there were 2 packets in each boxes.

Seoul Central Mosque

This is the view from the ladies praying section on the top floor looking down to the men's section.
When we were about to go out, there were a few Koreans outside of the mosque chatting with the "orang masjid". They look curious and it looked like they were asking questions to know more about Islam and the guy attending to them were very helpful and patient in explaining and answering their questions.

In Korea, there are a lot of Free Thinkers, those without religion and it's great to know that they are open to know and learn about Islam. In total there are about 35,000 Muslims in South Korea.

This place is full of Halal restaurants and supermarkets, even in the small alleys:
We love this banana milk! Why can't we have this in malaysia huhu
The next place of interest in our itinerary is the Yeoido Park, which is famous for the Spring Flower during the Sakura Season (1-15 April 2011). It is said to be the most beautiful cherry blossom pathway in Seoul and it stretches for 5.7km with 1,400 Prunus Yedoensis trees.

At Yeouido, there is another attraction which is the 63 Building and it has an observation deck on the 58th floor (12,000 Won per pax). There are also a Sea World, IMAX Theater, Wax Museum and a Sky Art Museum in the building.

Instead of following our itinerary, we decided to change it into a short shopping spree! We changed our route and went to Myeongdong to buy clothes and other stuff that we couldn't buy the night before because the shops were closed.


Great sale at UniQlo!

It was time to go back and get our luggage, so from Myeongdong we took the subway and went straight to our hotel at about 4.30pm.
At the hotel, we had to packed the new stuff that we've just bought into our already full luggage. The hotel manager saw our big bags and he offered to sent us to the subway station in his car since it was at a peak time and people were rushing back from work.

Tosh managed to take picture with him by the busy road side :)
It takes about an hour to get to the Airport by train.

Most of the passengers in this train work in the center of Seoul but live in the outskirt area, so this is their ride home. Perhaps, it's similar to people who work in KL but live in Nilai or Seremban. The full train became empty as we approach the airport.
Alhamdulillah we reached the airport quite early and we have some time to linger around.
Bye-bye Seoul! We definitely had a great time :)

Our flight departed at 11.10pm and we reached LCCT, Malaysia the next day at 5.15am.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Seoul - 7

Today we were supposed to go to the Lotte World, but Tosh decided to change the itinerary at the last minute because he has things to find :)


Before noon we headed to the Yongsan Electronic Market and it comprises of the I’PARK MALL, Seonin Mall, Najin Mall and the Terminal Mall.

Seoul National University Station -> Sadang Station
Transfer to Line 4 -> Inchon Station

Transfer to Jungang Line -> Yongsan Station

There was a traditional ceremony at the Yongsan Terminal Mall.

Was it a wedding in a shopping mall?
At 12pm we reached the I'Park Mall. This mall was full of electronic goods and mobile phones on the second and the third floor. There were not many customers and the mall was very quiet.

The shops could only sell the brand new mobile phones to the locals, not to foreigners. The prices here are definitely cheaper than in Malaysia. Whenever we asked for the price of the mobile phone, they asked for a Korean ID. We, foreigners could only buy the second hand phones.

Then we headed to Sinchon for lunch:

Yongsan Station -> City Hall Station
Transfer to Line 2 -> Sinchon Station

Loving Hut SINCHON

It is a vegetarian franchise restaurant:

Direction: From the Sinchon Subway Station (Exit no 2), just walk straight for 3 - 4 blocks. It is a few buildings after a Starbucks at the corner.

120-834 Seoul Seodaemun-gu Changcheon-dong 33-10 ho Phone: 02-333-8088
It is a deli-style restaurant where there are take-out items; soy burgers, sandwiches, burritos and eat-in dishes; Korean noodle, stew dishes, sushi/kimbop, sweet & sour vegetables, salads, dumplings and spaghetti. They also sell take away frozen faux-meats which are imitation meat from soy/tofu.

Tosh's hot Soy Protein Stew, rice and side dishes including the Kimchi: 3900 Won Tawaf's Spicy Vege Noodle Soup @ Jjamppong: 3500 Won
The California Roll: 3900 Won
We love this place, great environment and delicious food!
Iced Peach Tea & Raspberry Iced Tea
With a full stomach, we headed to the subway to go to Insadong :)

Sinchon Station -> City Hall Station
Transfer to Line 1 -> Jonggak Station

First stop at Insadong, to go to the Muslim Prayer Room at the KTO (Tourism Information Centre).

Direction: After exiting the Jonggak Station (Exit no 5), walk straight for 3 minutes.
The prayer room is downstairs and there is a staircase behind the Tourist Info Center counter to go down.

Downstairs is the office with a few counters for tourists. Visitors could also buy souvenirs here. The prayer room was very easy to find.

There is a room near the men's room where we took our wuduk. The water was very cold!


After prayer, we walked to Insadong street to get some souvenirs. There are all sorts of gifts such as cute korean bookmarks, key chains, purse and lots more being sold in variety designs.There are street vendors selling these candies in packets and it was tasty and not too sweet.
  • Yeot (rice candy)
  • Hobakyeot (Korean traditional candy; made from rice and pumpkin)
The pumpkin candy is softer than the normal rice candy and it is sticky to the teeth.

We forgot to take picture, thus here is a picture from the net:,_Seoul.jpg

Samziegil @ Insadong

The decorations at Samziegil are changed according to the festival and weather.
There are a lot of creative, handmade and customized products.

Tosh bought his Iphone casing that looks like a slice of manggo at this dpot.There is a Nike shop in Insadong and it was on SALE :). There are a lot of varieties in the designs and we only paid half of what we pay in Malaysia.
At the Jonggak Subway Station, there is a subway shopping area selling a lot of clothes :)

Jonggak Station -> Seoul Station
Tranfer to Line 4 -> Myeongdong


We planned to go to Uniqlo at MyeongDong but by the time we reached there, it was already 9pm and the shop was closed.

We had our dinner at the Lotteria. Hahaha hungry faces LOL!

Myeongdong Station -> Sadang Station (9 stops)
Transfer to Line 2 -> Seoul National University Station (3 stops)

Time to sleep :)