Friday, October 9, 2015

UK TRIP 2015 - 3 (Newcastle Upon Tyne)


We woke up at 5am and left the bnb at 6am. On the way to the Tooting Broadway station, we dropped by the house where we took our bnb keys and left the keys in the mail inlet on the door. 

From the Tooting Broadway Station, we took the Northern line to the Old Street Tube and then walked to Bus Stop F. On the way we had a chocolate drink and donuts for breakfast.

We booked our Easy Bus ticket when we were still in KL for GBP 1.80 per person per ride and there was a GBP 0.50 fee for the booking as well. Total was RM30 for 2 person. The bus was supposed to pick us up at 7.10am and we have to reach the bus stop 10 minutes earlier. 

The Easy Bus van came a few minutes after 7.10am and there was just another guy taking the same van with us to the Stanstead Airport. Each person is allowed to take 1 hand luggage of 5kg and 1 larger bag of max 20kg. 

We slept all the way and we reached the airport at 8.25am. At the airport we had a delicious tuna sandwich while waiting to board our flight. 

Our flight was at 10.30am by FlyBE and it's a 1 hour and 15 minutes journey to Newcastle Upon Tyne. In total we paid RM862 for a single journey for 2 pax.

We have checked-in online the night before and we were supposed to print the e-tickets and bring it to the airport, but we had difficulties to find a place to print. The FlyBE staff was so kind to help us print our tickets without any charges.

Each person is allowed to bring up to 10kg of hand luggage on board free of charge and checked-in luggage was charged GBP17 for 20kgs. 

We reached Newscastle at 11.45am and after taking our luggage, we walked to the parking area to take our rental car from Hertz. 

We booked online via Hertz website for 11 days rental at GBP 144.42 @ RM1058.

After giving them our booking copies, our details and showing Tosh's international driving license, the guy gave us the car key and showed us the car. 

Tosh did some inspections on the car to ensure that there are no scratches on the car and then signed the acceptance form. This is important to ensure that we won't be charged for any scratches on the car that we didn't do.

It's a small cute car but big enough for the two of us. 

From the airport, we used our google map to find our way to Tosh friend's house in Newcastle. He is Tosh's ex-colleague in Malaysia.

Tosh went for Friday prayer with Hafiz and Tawaf stayed behind at the house with his family. 

After Friday prayers, we rested a bit more and chit-chat with Hafiz. He introduced us to a map application that is very helpful in finding ways in UK and even in Europe. It's called HERE and the maps can be downloaded and can be used afterwards even without an Internet. True enough, it helped us a lot during this trip! 

At about 3pm we said goodbye to Hafiz and his family and drove to a nearby neighborhood. 

Earlier, Hafiz had shown Tosh where to park and leave our car and where to take the bus to the city center. 

We parked in front of a house and took a picture of the front gate and door to ensure that we'll find this spot later to take back our car. 

There are a few halal restaurants here and a lot of Muslim people around. We dropped by this shop to pack some food. We had samosa, onion bhaji and kebab.

The bus ride was GBP1.50 per pax to the heart of Newcastle Upon Tyne.

The weather was nice and the city center was full of people. The Grey Street is the main street in Newcastle with a lot of shops, Georgian architecture and also the finest curve in UK. There is also the Theatre Royal, Cathedral Church of St Nicholas and Castle Keep nearby.

We saw a lot of people in their rugby jerseys and shirts and there was a rugby carnival near to the monument where people can paint their faces, buy souvenirs and get freebies.

We went around looking for our RWC jerseys. 

And a quick stop at Starbucks at the Northumberland Street. 

At about 6pm, we walked towards the St James Stadium to watch our first live rugby match at the stadium.

It's a huge stadium! 

We had more than an hour before the game starts so we walked to the Fan Zone which was just a few minutes walk from the stadium to get these!!

Those who do not have tickets can also watch the game live at the big screen at this Fan Zone. There were food trucks selling food and drinks and a lot of rugby merchandise being sold. 

At 7 pm we went back to the stadium to take our seats. We purchased our tickets online early of the year at GBP169 @ total RM914 for 2 pax.


It was so much fun!! 

The match ended at about 10pm, and we walked from the stadium to the place where we left our car in the afternoon. 

Then we drove to our booked bnb in Sunderland. We arrived late, at about 11pm and thankfully we found a parking spot just in front on the house. 

Tosh called the bnb owner, Terry and she gave us a warm welcome. She showed us our room, which was very spacious with a big bed, a big sofa, a tv and our room was just beside the main entrance.

We booked this room via airbnb for 1 night at 46 Euro @ RM193 and there is a shared bathroom and a shared toilet on the first floor. 

Before we went to bed, we chatted with Terry and a couple from Australia who's also staying at the bnb. They too just came back from the rugby match. 

Thursday, October 8, 2015

UK TRIP 2015 - 2 (London)


This is the view from our room window. It's a quiet housing area. 

This is the second floor which has another room, a shower room and the wifi router. 

Below is the ground floor and there are some new window frames which they are going to replace in the house. Our room is practically at the stairs, in between of the ground floor and the second floor which makes it easy for us to access everything in the house. 

All set to go! 
This is the front door of Carmen Casa. 

At 8am, we walked around the Tooting area and went to Tesco Extra to buy some food for our breakfast picnic.

Then we went to the Tooting Broadway Station to go to our first sight-seeing for the day which is the London Bridge, Tower Bridge and Borough Market. 

This is the London Bridge tube station. It was peak hour and people were busy going to work.

Heading to Hay's Galleria and London Bridge.

Hay's Galleria: 

We had our breakfast whilst enjoying the view of River Thames and London Bridge in the cold morning.

HMS Belfast:

River Thames:

Tower Bridge:

We passed by this beautiful path in London South Bank on our way to the Borough Market.

Borough Market:

They had all sorts of pastries and yummy food! 

After spending some time at this market, we took a tube to the Bond Street Station to go to the Oxford Street. 

And yes, we are here for the Rugby World Cup 2015! 

On our way back to the bnb, we dropped by a halal fried chicken shop near the Tooting Broadway Station. There are plenty of halal shops in this area.