Wednesday, October 7, 2015

UK TRIP 2015 - 1 (London)


Our flight was at 9.50am on a Wednesday morning, via Malaysia Airlines and it was a 12 hour and 45 minutes trip to Heathrow Airport, London. 

We bought our tickets on the 24th January 2015 when MAS was having a promotion. Our return ticket was RM2,493 per pax and it's a direct flight. After we bought our tickets, there was the MATTA Fair (Travel Fair) in March and the rest of the airlines offered special discounts too. The cheapest would be Etihad, which was RM100-200 lesser than what we paid for but there is a transit for about 6 hours which makes the journey almost 18 hours in total. 

At the KLIA airport we managed to grab a Lonely Planet - Great Britain book to help us with our trip since we didn't have much time to do a detailed itinerary this time. 

It was a big flight with 2 levels and our seats were on the lower deck, same as most of the other passengers. 

As soon as our flight took off, we were served with on-flight lunch. We had chicken with mushroom / black pepper sauce, some salads and a desert. 

About 2 hours before we touched down, we were served with dinner. Tawaf had noodle with fish and Tosh had rice and chicken. 

In between of lunch and dinner, we had some snacks such as peanuts, cookies and juices. There was a good selection of movies on board and we spent most of our time watching movies and sleeping. 

We arrived at Heathrow Airport at 4.20pm local time. This is Tawaf with her ex-colleague who happened to be in the same flight as us from KL.

After we've picked-up our luggage, we went to the underground station to buy our Oyster cards from the machine. The card costs GBP 5 each and we top-up GBP 15  credit for each card. The GBP 5 deposit can be refunded at the machine after we are done with it and actually we wanted to put more credit into the card but the machine only accepts small notes and most of our money was in GBP50 denominations. At this time the exchange rate was GBP 1 equals to RM 6.75

From Heathrow Airport Terminal 4, we took the Piccadilly line to Leicester Square and then transit to the Northern line towards Tooting Broadway. From the Tooting Broadway station we walked 4 minutes to Carmen Casa. The whole journey from the airport to zone 3 took us more than 1 hour and 30 minutes since it was peak hour. It was already dark when we reached Carmen Casa.

Peak hour in London is from 6.30am to 9.30 am and 4pm to 7pm on weekdays. 

We booked our stay for the first 2 nights via and it included a free wifi, towels and a shared bathroom.

We arrived at the Carmen Casa office at about 7.15pm and we had to pay an extra of GBP 10 for late check-in. The normal check-in hours is from 1 to 7pm. After paying the fees of GBP 80 for 2 nights and the extra GBP 10 (total RM608), the lady at the office gave us the key to our room in house no 64. They only accept cash here because there is no credit card machine.

House no 64 is a few blocks away from the office. It is a housing area and we saw quite a few houses for sale. 

This is our room and it has an attached toilet and a good heater to keep us warm.

Our room is on the first floor and the shared shower room is on the ground floor. There is another shower room on the second floor but the light wasn't functioning. 


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